My Run Tracker - The Run Tracking App

My Run Tracker - The Run Tracking App

Your personal & free run tracking app to help in monitoring your workout.

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Are your ready to be fit? Put your tracks and running shoes on &get ready to experience the fittest phase of your life. Download the best run tracking app to get started.

My Run Tracker, is the app that will be an ally to you in this journey. You can track the activities you do for the weight loss or for just being fit. My Run Tracker tracks your training using GPS and analyzes everything related, from the number of steps you run to the distance you covered and to the calories you have burned.

Not just that, this app monitors your progress and present you the detail of it in a beautiful and easy to understand reports. Get yourself ranked on the top of the leaderboard and set a milestone for others to achieve.

That’s not all, Leaderboard ranks you on two options ‘ALL RUN’ & ‘DAILY RUN’. In All Run tab, you can see the best runner of all time whereas in Daily Run tab you can beat the all-time runner in their daily run score.

Create a workout playlist for your training. My Run Tracker allows you to play songs from your phone directly on its platform. This is one of the reason for this app to be rated the top for running app.

If you workout daily or planning to do it, download our app which has some really great and cool features in it. No need to worry about your calories any more, this app will help you in keeping track of your calories. Everything that you need when you go out for running is there in our app whether its timer, distance meter, you name it and it is there. So just download the app for a better workout experience.

Features that make this app the best run tracking app:

• Now, track & monitor the statistics of your running to analyze your training pattern.
• Check the leaderboard and engage in a friendly competition to get yourself ranked on the top of the leaderboard.
• Monitor your Progress.
• Check the steps count involved in your training with our exclusive pedometer tracker.
• Inbuilt Music Player.
• Store your running history in MyRun history tab.
• Create Reminder for your workout and more.
• Inbuilt CountDown Timer.
• Track Accurate Distance.

My Run Tracker considered, by its users, to be the best in the business for certain keywords like pedometer app, speedometer app for running, free running tracker, speedometer tracker etc.

My Run Tracker provides all these and charge nothing for this. The FREE run tracking app.

Changelog / What's New

1. Remove ads
2. Add augmented reality graph

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