Football Challenger - League

Football Challenger - League

An exciting football manager game

Game details

Android 4.0+
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3.5 (70.7%) 251 votes

Game description

This game is simple but unique and exciting!!

- This game focuses on tactics and the deployment of opponent, only a small amount of randomness, a fault tactics even though re-play 100 times will not be successful!
- Player's abilities, moves and tactics can be seen in the game match, and you will realize when should you start defending or man-marking. (Set offside trap may be a good choice)
- As a coach, you can also participate in the match, the team need your "finger" fatal pass! Besides, your personal ability value will also be upgraded due to competition.

- Each player has a 9 abilities shown ​​and 6 hidden values ​​(you have to feel it from the game match)
- Not only allow you to set formation and tactics, you can also set movement of each player, man-marking or ask someone to try more long shot
- Opponent also keep changing tactics in match, sometimes even man-marking to your players, so keep an eye on the match!
- There are total over a thousand players in game which you can transfer or sell from your team!
- No in-app paid, we insist on fair play and safe to children!
- try using simplest English so that people around the world can enjoy!

Changelog / What's New

new feature and fix bugs
add corner and goal kick
increase game speed
Trying to fix "Can not release player" error
Add "Undo" in substitution page
Add "free release" when selling players.
Home & away stadiums.
Fix bugs
"Set transfer list" feature.
Now age grow old once a season.
Add x86 support. (like ASUS Zenfone 2)
Daily bonus.
Fix keep playing after offside trap.
Ver 20.87
Offside trap feature.

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