Animate Space

Animate Space

Create cartoons, flipbook and snapshots animations on your own!

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Android 4.0+
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App description

With Animate Space you can create amazing flipbook and snapshots animations, animated cards, cartoons and share it to your friends and whole world easily!

You can draw animations frame-by-frame on blank pages or take shots from your camera and draw wonderful details for your cartoons. Animate Space it's a really cool tool to create Augmented reality on your own so let's start and animate your space!

Attention! On some devices, the snapshot function may not work.

Featured tools which can help you:
• Easy copying, pasting and deleting frames.
• Taking shots from your camera.
• Create your own primitives and use it in animations.
• Unlimited steps to undo actions available at any time in each frame.
• Saving your projects to local slots.
• Various drawing tools.
• Autoframe drawing function which paste every stroke to the new frame.
• «Ghost» function shows drawing in previous and next frames.
• Control line thickness and transparency.
• 216 color palette.

Make original animated postcards for your friends and share it on their social network pages in 2 clicks. No pre-moderation or sandbox - you will get a link to page with your cartoon immediately.

Get embed code of page with your movie without any ads or external links.

Changelog / What's New

What's new:
- selection tool;
- copy/paste/delete/move selected part of your drawing;
- clipart gallery added (now you can use other works in your animations and save your project as source for other users if you want);
- now you can delete camera's shot from the selected frame;
- workspace optimized;
- transparency tool retrived;
- additional local slots;
- thousands bugs fixed.

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