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Android 5.0+

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Welcome to BellPal USA. Operated by BlueStar SeniorTech.

The BellPal Watch, paired with the BellPal app, is a world-class medical alert with fall detection technology. The BellPal Watch contains a self-learning AI (artificial intelligence) engine that identifies and classifies movement patterns, instantaneously detecting a fall when it occurs. Alarms can also be triggered manually, so you can get the help you need when you need it.

In case of a fall or a manually trigger the alarm, your followers - people chosen by you - are immediately alerted through the BellPal app and can take action to support you. This way, you can rest assured you are never alone.

You can also choose to add professional 24/7 alarm monitoring and response provided by BlueStar SeniorTech. With this addition, followers and the monitoring center will be notified in case of alarm—our monitoring staff will dispatch emergency services (EMS, Fire, Police) if needed.

During an alarm, followers and the BlueStar response center (if subscribed) are notified of your alarm and exact location via the BellPal app, using the location data provided by your smartphone.

The BellPal app is used for both watch users and followers. Only watch users require a paid subscription for service.

Changelog / What's New

Improvements and bug fixes.

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