Stampy Browser: AdBlocker, Incognito and Secure

Stampy Browser: AdBlocker, Incognito and Secure

Stampy Browser: fast, secure, no ads. Browse fast: adblocker, incognito, privacy

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Android 5.0+
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App description

Browse faster than the speed of light with our three Stampede Features:

Start browsing now on top of the mighty Stampede Browser

#1 No ADS
By default AdBlocker In-Browser we block those annoying Popups, malwares and mobile eye-crackers.

#2 No Javascipt
YES, none of those evil, malicious, scripts capable of destroying our land

#3 NO Media (Experimental)
We block all the images and media elements to speed up your browsing experience

Stampy Browser: the invisible Stampede
Stampy is a browser which allows you to browse in complete privacy, speed and easiness of use with out in-built incognito browser

Feature description:
#1 AdBlocker by default in-Browser
We block ads on most of websites for you

#2 No Javascript
Say No to malicious scripts thanks to our custom JS switch which will allow you to browse in complete safety without having to cut out much from the web

#3 No Media
Cut out Videos, Images and more.
For the true Browser-s gurus we have the function to display nicely just the bare essentials

#4 Incognito Browser
We do not track any information about our users, keyboard searches included.
Privacy First

Combine all these features for fast and affordable internet browser.
Save on bandwidth, save on your time.

Stampy Browser: your best browsing companion.

Changelog / What's New

AdBlocking active by default for the community :)

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