PSP Emulator For Android (Free Emulator For PSP)

PSP Emulator For Android (Free Emulator For PSP)

Free Ultimate PSP Emulator, the new update of PSP Emulator for Android.

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Android 4.0+
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App description

Dear PSP Lovers,

Our PSP Emulator team is very glad to provide to you for free the fastest Playstation Portable emulator in global : Ultimate PSP Emulator (PSP Emulator For Android) to enjoy playing PSP games for free on your Android device.

Ultimate PSP Emulator is the great original PSP emulator for Android Phones, it runs a lot of games, and also the latest PSP games, but it depends on the power of your device (Ram,Graphic,Storage) all may not run with the full speed.

This ultimate psp emulator will bring you to new experience of great performance and best graphics in PSP games, and it's integrated with a virtual psp controller (psp joystick) just like using a ps2 emulator to run ps2 games for an Android phone.

Quite simply this is the best emulator to play psp games with a perfect game compatibility.

Ultimate PSP Emulator is the fastest PSP Emulator for Android in Global (PPSS2's Best Combos), and it was developed in order to emulate PSP games on your Android Phones.

~ Features :

# Inside the app you'll find a guide for psp emulator to show to you how you could get free psp games;
# PSP emulator can run more than 90% of PlayStation games;
# Download ps2 emulator;
# This Free PSP Emulator supports Multi-threading Acceleration - Exceed PPSS2;
# It has same features as PPSS2 emulator to play ps2 games;
# PSP android;
# This Free PSP Emulator supports Skip BIOS boot game;
# Our Free PSP Emulator could run PSP video games;
# This Free PSP Emulator supports 2X~5X PS2 Resolution (1080p HD);
# PS2 emulator download;
# It's a real psp emulator which emulates almost all psp games (like a ps2 emulator);
# This Free PSP Emulator supports Widescreen Games (16:9);
# PSP emulator download;
# This Free PSP Emulator supports Gamepad - Similar to PPSS2 Emulator;
# Easy to use game control, just like in the original portable device;
# You can easily save and load your game state;
# You can always continue from where you left off;
# PS2 android;
# You can use your android device just like a real playstation console;
# Play PSP games on your Android device, with high definition and extra features;
# This Free PSP Emulator supports NEON Acceleration - Similar to PPSS2;
# To play with this playstation portable emulator, you just need a psp iso image of the psp game;
# Download psp emulator;
# Don't nedd a psp bios or a ps2 bios to run smoothly psp games;
# Enjoy form great graphics and high-quality sound effects.

Ultimate Emulator for PSP has the best and best game compatibility to play the psp game. This PSP emulator works mainly with smartphones and tablets. The best gaming experience with high definition graphics in the game.

** NOTE : Some images come as a .ecm file. These will not work in this emuator **

Download the latest 2018 update of emulator for psp games that you can download for Free right now and for ever.
The latest 2018 free psp emulator, lets you emulate psp games on your Android phone for free with high quality and good definition.

Download psp Emulator For Free.


~ Note : /

Although our psp emulator can run PlayStation Portable game software, we are not be affiliated with Sony in any way. This emulator is not:

* PPSS2 emulator;
* PS4 emulator;
* PlayStation 3 emulator;
* PlayStation 3 emu;
* PlayStation 4 emu;
* PS3 emu;
* PlayStation 4 emulator;
* PS4 emu;
* PS3 emulator.

~ LEGAL : /

* This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Sony Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

* Please, note that this Emulator is created in educational purposes and based only on legit and free sources (special thanks to ppss2 project and Henrik, this contribution is amazing). We also ask everyone to be sure that you have legally owned all games before playing them on this Emulator.

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