Say: Share Together! a Group Video Chat Network

Say: Share Together! a Group Video Chat Network

Connect with Friends & Family. Record a Fun Story & Msg in a Safe Social Network

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Android 6.0+
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The special people in your life are everything, so make every moment count. Say helps you communicate, chat and stay connected to those you care about – no matter if you live 5 houses apart, or 5 time zones. No need to plan a catch up with a bulletin board reminder. You can start to connect and chat with your whole network together in seconds – it’s like a party in your phone. Forget plain old text msg, there is no better way to chat, hangout and maintain a connection with people than with the Say video broadcast and message app.

Download the Say video broadcast and message app to bring those you care about together, chat, hangout and make memories that last a lifetime. Get the party started!

No need to plan – communicate on-the-go
Put your special relationships first with Say. Did your grandma celebrate her 90th birthday? Spouse receive a promotion? Maybe a best friend needs your help planning her birthday? Text msg doesn’t do these events justice. These are what Say is made for – to chat easily. Talk about and share special lasting life events and hangout with your network of people.

No need to plan a catch up with a bulletin board note. Just open the app, start a group video conversation by inviting people, talk and share the moment in a real-time video broadcast. Don’t have time to chat over video? You can even record and send short videos privately with just one person for a private conversation. It’s like a walkie talkie on your phone. Create memories and keep them forever with the ability to store special memories for everyone to see and chat about later.

Connect with games and conversation starters
Want to start a conversation and hangout but don’t have any big news to share or talk about? No big deal. With Say’s fun games, connect your whole network –from grandma to your 6-year-old. Team up, compete, laugh and chat together at hilarious moments. Have a long or short conversation – it’s more meaningful than a text conversation and never gets dull.

Authentic face-to-face connection
In today’s busy world, we’re faced with distractions at every moment. From a calendar message to responding to a friend via text msg or a social media check-in, distractions abound. Since relationships and communication require time and attention, they are the first to suffer – especially those special relationships that are taken for granted.

Say enables real in-the-moment connection between just 2, or multiple people. Video communication is much more powerful than text. It’s like a walkie talkie! It can be a short catch up, or a long group detailed discussion. Communicate with authenticity and face-to-face group video messaging to ensure your network of family and friends share life events together.

Safe and ad-free 
video message
Say is a powerful communication app that’s simple enough for even grandma to use. It also ensures the safety of your family and friends. Ad-free lets you know that your young ones only see what they’re supposed to see when chatting, and nothing else that could be dangerous. With Say being ad-free, your whole network can have a meaningful conversation without any distractions midway through the chat.

With features to get everyone to chat and connect, it’s clear why so many are already using Say. The time to create memories and keep them is now, through video message, not text. To start to plan, create and record memories, download Say and enjoy quality, fun and meaningful communication. Get the party started!

Changelog / What's New

Bug fixes, because we love you! Also, when you tap on a group, it now anchors so you can see it.

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