Dungeon Chronicle

Dungeon Chronicle

Travel the floor of increasingly difficult enemies while Looting the best items

Game info

Android 4.1+
Everyone 10+
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Game description

Travel through unlimited floors of increasingly difficult enemies while collecting vast amounts of unique loot!

Become the ultimate hero using various weapons (Dual Swords, Long sword, Pistol, Shotgun, Wand and Staff)
Hire and organize mercenaries to create the strongest party.
Upgrade skills and create a melee focused warrior or mix and match and create a hybrid character of your making!

Explore the dungeon. And survive. How far can you go ?!

What's New

- Additional mercenary slots are created at level 100.
- Add Gunner Mercenaries
- Added 3 kinds of costume
- The squirrel porter automatically sells items that are set to be invisible.
(Can be changed in setting window)
- Add map
- Added French, Thai translation

Ratings and reviews

10,053 total
5 5,927
4 1,479
3 1,046
2 445
1 1,156