Full Frontal'$ Totally Unrigged Primary

Full Frontal'$ Totally Unrigged Primary

Don't 2016 this one.

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Android 4.4+
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Game description

Full Frontal'$ Totally Unrigged Primary allows players to join their favorite 2020 Democratic candidate’s team, and complete fun and/or dumb daily challenges to earn their candidate points. The candidate with the most points the week before the Iowa caucus will be awarded REAL money. It’s like Fantasy Football, but with no football, more politics, and a comically large check to the candidate with the most um...rabid fans.

The winning candidate’s prize money comes from Sam Bee’s Political Swear Jar, which is funded by players and individual donors like you! Real talk: it’s going to take a bajillion dollars to mount a national presidential campaign, so polish those orbs and get playing for your chosen candidate. Even if it’s Joe Biden, and even if he wants to spend his bounty on more whitening strips — that’s his right as the winner!

Start rigging* the primary now by downloading the game today.

*It’s not rigged

What's New

- We've added a lowest possible stakes gambling function on the highest possible stakes election
- We've integrated videos into the game, so we can have candidates come on and talk about what's important to them. If you're a candidate reading this 1) thanks for playing and 2) come on our app!

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