Survivor of Hell:Lets Play Tag(Full Ver)

Survivor of Hell:Lets Play Tag(Full Ver)

Please defeat the enemy and make a magical attack

Game details

Android 2.3+
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2.6 (52.1%) 28 votes

Game description

Easy operation and various enemies and magical effects
Continuous tension feeling

You can feel high quality graphics made with Unreal 4 engine.

Continue following avoiding enemies, win coins and raise your score.

You can attack enemies with magic generated periodically.

Enemy monsters are randomly generated on a regular basis.
The appearance, movement speed, generation position are different

Boss monsters are generated in a specific place at regular intervals.
Boss's skill attack pattern is all different.
Boss monsters attack both enemy ally.
When a boss monster dies, a large amount of coins are dropped in a random position.
Some boss monsters set up traps and traps attack both the enemy ally and explode after a certain time.

Players can earn experience points and level up
According to the level, the scope of application of magic is widened
Magic generation and coin generation cycle decrease slightly.
Every 5 levels the character's armor changes.

One heart is generated every 5 minutes when the heart is less than five.

Avoid score against all enemies and score higher than other players

UE4 does not yet support Cloud Saved Game Service.
Move the device save file manually when changing the device.

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