WW2 Aircraft Strike by Willy Inc

WW2 Aircraft Strike by Willy Inc

You can drive, drive trucks full of machine guns, this can be your game

Game details

Android 3.0+
Everyone 10+
2.3 (45.1%) 39 votes

Game description

Strike of planes, destroy everything that puts you ahead. It is an intense and entertaining game, invade the area to be yours. Destroy the tanks, the trucks full of machine guns, rocket launchers, hidden machine guns, missile-filled aircraft and be careful that missiles follow you at high speed. If you want to be enemies without problem, you can be a driver, and aim and shoot the planes and protect your city. Be careful because enemy planes are also going to get you.


- Changed and improved controls.
- Improved graphics and more realism.
- More types of vehicles, like a truck full of submachine guns and a tank.
- More types of airplanes, missile planes, machine guns, and fighters.
- More types of weapons, information of airplanes and cars, you can change of views to
first person.
- There is a new mission more, and the city of before is three times bigger.
- Controls Tutorial
- Update in several languages

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