Raising Your Stars: New World

Raising Your Stars: New World

cultivating and simulating with idleness Known as Raising Your Stars!

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Android 4.4+
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Raising Your Stars: The new world is for you to raise the stars by yourself as 'Commander'.
Extracting mines and saving your resources.
Raising your stars to have a perfect fit with diverse economic changes.

Protect your money from aliens of other planets!!!
Experience points and money for securing your victory,
otherwise risk for your money!

You can not only extract the resources to save money, but leverage with other ways as well!

Process your resources to be sold in more expensive prices!
Hire more labors to make efficient extraction of resources!
Build various buildings to get your rental fees, or sell them in expensive prices to the market!
Your life can depend on 'ONE LUCK'!! Get yourself to the stock market and become a smart trader!
Prepare your own business and make profits out of buying and selling the resources!
Securing your safety by making large deposits to the bank for receiving interests!

Raise your stars with your own 'KNOW-HOW' & 'STRATEGY'

Shall we just play now?!
Make yourself a billionaire now!

More updates will be available soon!

Let's go!

Let's get in on now for Raising Your Stars: The New World

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