Striker in The hole(Full Ver)

Striker in The hole(Full Ver)

3D shooting game with easy operation and flashy effect

Game details

Android 2.3+
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2.6 (51.4%) 14 votes

Game description

Differentiated operation and RPG element borrowing from existing shooting game

Easy operation for mobile
- Automatic Attack
- Move left and right (rotate)
- Charging Attack

Differentiated graphics and gaming characteristics from existing shooting games
- Shooting game made with Unreal 4 engine
- Colorful graphics at fast pace
- Various characters (8 kinds in total)
- the effect of various attacks
- Move to rotate along the pipe
- RPG-like elements
- Differentiated stitching of wizards and warriors
- Status rise due to level up
- HP concept
- Powerful Special Moves and Charge Attack
- Various patterns of enemies and a powerful boss appear

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