Hybrid Animals

Hybrid Animals

Breed animals together, and see what weird creature it makes!

Game details

Android 4.2+
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4.4 (87.2%) 78,833 votes

Game description

Choose 2 animals from a giant list, and the game will use an algorithm to breed them together! Each hybrid has its own unique abilities. There are millions of creatures you can make!

Once you've created your hybrid creature, explore a vast randomly generated world. Battle or become friends with other hybrid monsters, or craft yourself a house/town.

Multiplayer mode coming soon.

Changelog / What's New

- Added 'Sprint' perk
- Added "rushers" item.
- Added "toasted nuts" and "raisin bread" items.
- Added "Octo Kitty" merchant in a house, near the start area.
- No exp from battles with "giant" perk
- Teleport button
- Rare armor and weapons. 5% chance of finding them in Mystery Boxes
- "Mystery Boxes" in Market
- Creatures drop items
- 25+ new animals.. free on Wednesdays, or get permanently on Market
- 3 new biomes

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