Bicycle Gear Calculator

Bicycle Gear Calculator

Comprehensive bicycle gear calculator

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Android 6.0+
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Comprehensive bicycle gear calculator

* 7 Different tabs to choose from: Road, MTB, Touring, Sram-1X, Cyclo-X, BMX and Manual - *Note you do need to scroll to see all the tabs*

* Calculations options are: Roll Out in metres, Roll Out in inches, Skid Patches, Gear Inches, km/h, mph, Ratio and Gain Ratio

* Adjustable cadence from 60 to 120 rpm for speed calculations

* Bike specific categories with drop down lists of cranks, cassettes and tyres

* Road category includes optional roll out limits for school racing

* Manual entry option, freely enter any gear combination, ideal for fixies and unique bikes

* Manual entered C/rings and sprockets are automatically saved

* 6 bike profiles on the manual tab

* BMX calculations includes nearest alternate chainring/sprocket combinations

* Database of over 150 tyre sizes

* Option to share your calculation by email or your preferred messaging app, mechanics share your recommended gearing with your customers

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Changelog / What's New

Added 8 speed cassettes

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