Dialer & contacts OS 11

Dialer & contacts OS 11

Phonebook OS 11 is the best app iContact or iDialer

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Android 4.3+
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App description

Every day, you are in ỉPhónè contacts with friends and relatives. You want to recent calls, phone dialer, view contacts, and share phone numbers with friends and relatives? Want to use phone book ìós 11 app without using OS?
With ịọs 9 update is your experience as an dialers for android. íPhónẻ contacts, you can display yellow pages and share your contacts with friends and family. The call screen design is professional, new and easy to make calls, easy using messaging applications, easy management of telephone directory, support for a variety of lighting, itel mobile dialer, fast and powerful but caller id app.
Phone dialer is a great phone call to change the phone interface refreshing, dispels the feeling of disgust when ỉọs settings, phone dialer , find phone number. If you love stylish design ịọs 9 update os 11, then phone book is a great choice white pages for you.
You can see the difference between the default telephone number on your phone with ỉPhónè contacts because it has a phone dialer nice user interface and many new features in the dialers for android.
With iContact , you can experience many features like:

ỉPhónè contacts is fast and easy to use phone book.
Recent calls have a lot of frequently used features: Favorites, Recent calls , Contacts, Keyboard (telephone number) and ỉọs settings.
Summary of all call screen dialer recent calls and caller id appmissed calls with information.
Quick and easy callback with various useful options like phone number search, sharing phone number with friends and relatives.
Show all phone book lists, modify or modify some. You can do almost anything with phone dialer and ỉPhónè contacts.
Add or Edit phonebook with a simple interface.
Settings to Turn On / Off call screen dialer.
Nice ỉọs settings and phone dialer layout ịPhỏnẹ dialer for speed dialing.

There are also update ìós 10 additional features of phone book:

update os 11 details can be added and modified manually.
Built-in phone number search function in ỉọs settings.
Create call your own telephone number in telephone directory.
Choose telephone directory different colors for a group of phone call
The delete phone book feature allows you to select specific ỉPhónè contacts details in phone book dialer for android.
Change ịọs 9 update the default phonebook of the telephone number.
In phone dialer, You can search white pages and white pages contact.
In recent calls, Add Favorite white pages are easy and fast.
Show your phonebook details and find phone number in screen.
Include phonebook model for phone dialer.
Telephone number type for phone book ìóé 11.
Many phone book can also call and shared with Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Our application is 100% free and 100% designer experience, very easy to use
★★★ Enjoy ìPhònẹ contact then feedback us ★ ★ ★
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