Translator PRO, Language Translate & Communicate

Translator PRO, Language Translate & Communicate

Translate All Languages, voice and pronunciation. 60+ Languages and FREE to use.

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Android 5.0+
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App description

60+ languages supported, Translator PRO is a leading FREE Translator. Voice input and Pronunciation in foreign languages, help you talking easily in different countries.

With Translator PRO, Foreign Language Translate & Communicate, top FREE TRANSLATOR APP, you can input text by typing, or just speak or snap to translate. Pronunciation of the translation is supported, which can help you communicate easily to foreigners. Business tour and journey become easier, more comfortable and suitable!

Come and FREE download, use together!

Translate and communicate easily.
Translate over 60 languages.
Voice, text input is available.
Camera translation is supported.
Pronunciations of languages.
Detailed history and favorite.

Translate and Communicate Easily.

Talking with foreigners is always necessary in daily life, not only in business, also in vacations. With Translator PRO, Foreign Language Translate & Communicate APP, we can solve all this conversation problems during these days.

Camera Translation is Supported.

With the power of OCR technology, translation is much convenient. You can translate from a photo of a menu, or an image of road sign. Text in your photo will be instantly translated.

Translate over 60 languages.

Supported languages & dialects for translation:
Afrikaans, Arabic (العربية), Bengali (বাংলা), Bulgarian (Български), Bosnian (Bosanski), Cantonese (粵語繁體中文), Catalan (Català), Chinese Simplified (简体中文), Chinese Traditional (繁體中文), Croatian (Hrvatski), Czech (Čeština), Danish (Dansk), Dutch (Nederlands), English, Estonian (Eesti), Fijian, Filipino, Finnish (Suomi), French (Français), German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά), Haitian Creole, Hebrew (עברית), Hindi (हिंदी), Hmong Daw, Hungarian (Magyar), Icelandic (Íslenska), Indonesian (Indonesia), Italian (Italiano), Japanese (日本語), Klingon, Korean (한국어), Latvian (Latviešu), Lithuanian (Lietuvių), Malagasy, Malay (Melayu), Maltese (Il-Malti), Norwegian (Norsk), Persian (فارسی), Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Português), Querétaro Otomi, Romanian (Română), Russian (Русский), Samoan, Serbian-Cyrillic (Cрпски-ћирилица), Serbian-Latin (Srpski-latinica), Slovak (Slovenčina), Slovenian (Slovenščina), Spanish (Español), Swahili (Kiswahili), Swedish (Svenska), Tahiti (Tahitian), Tamil (தமிழ்), Telugu (తెలుగు), Thai (ไทย), Tonga (lea fakatonga), Turkish (Türkçe), Ukrainian (Українська), Urdu (اردو), Vietnamese (Tiếng Viê), Welsh, Yucatec Maya

Permissions Notice
Translator pro may ask for permission to access the following features:
Microphone for voice translation
Camera for translating text

Changelog / What's New

Camera translation make life easier!

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