Calendar style Asus Zenfone

Calendar style Asus Zenfone

Calendar Style Asus is a cute calendar

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Android 4.0.3+
10,000 - 50,000
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3.4 (67.3%) 216 votes

App description

Do you know about asus launch, you are finding an lunar calendar app, or you feel goolgle calendar was become blase.
Calendar Style Asus is the best app for you. Calendar Style Asus is a calendar app.
It base on clendar google calendar but, it have asus lauch theme, zenui theme, it try to be like asus calendar.
Many people love theme zenui and asus theme, asus laucher, so this calendar was design to like ásús calendar. Calendar Style Asus is a cute calendar
Calendar style Asus is the essential scheduling partner for your android device, allowing you to integrate appointments from multiple agendas.
Whether you like to like to browse your schedule by the day or week, or via a monthly view, ZenUI Calendar makes quick and easy work of managing personal, social and business arrangements — and with just a few taps of your finger!
It is a clendar base on google calendar. Calendar Style Asus, you can switch clendar easy, switch between : weekly calendar, month calendar, daily calendar, agenda calendar,...
Support for month calendar widget and corporate calendars keeps all parts of your life in view.
Support lunar calendar (calendar vietnam). Support events calendar.
Multiple calendar views allow you to flip easily between daily, weekly or monthly schedules : calendar daily, calendar weekly, calendar agenda,...
Seamless integration with popular social networks helps you stay on top of birthdays, anniversaries and other events. It is helpful for bussiness calendar.
‘New event’ button means you can create new entries whenever you need, without having to hunt through menus.
Add event calendar, reminder calendar help you keep everything on your mind.
Enjoy app and feedback to us, thanks

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