VR Space

VR Space

Cardboard Vr galaxy. Immersive virtual reality & star experience in our VR app !

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Android 4.4+
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4.0 (80.3%) 1,128 votes

App description

VR Space for Cardboard headset device, is an Immersive "full dive" virtual reality tour of Sun Star and planet systems in our proprietary VR universe.
Make a Discovery of stars and vast galactic vr space.

- Stunning views of VR space
- Experience our ambient music
- Vr cardboard HD graphics of Sun star
- Immersive virtual reality-VR technology
- Cardboard headset device optimized- fulldive virtual reality adventure in VR universe
- No touch controls or other controllers needed in our virtual reality, VR headset device games

Set out on the Immersive virtual adventure to discovery of depths of galaxy and have a blissful fulldive vr experience of floating in the space with our VR app. One of the best adventure apps among vr games without controller.

With our update which is coming soon, VR Space will become one of the best adventure shooter games in VR cardboard "Space Games" category on the store and among other vr games our app will take it's high position if you support us by sending your feedback to our email, instead of writing them in reviews. Thank you for your sincere support!

Enjoy our Free VR Space experience and fall in love with fulldive vr technology and vr headset devices.
Vr Space does not require a controller and it is one of the best apps among vr games without controller.
Astronomy lovers should also enjoy astronomy in virtual reality.

Changelog / What's New

Intermediate update: removed ads, in-apps, permissions. Also fixed several bugs.

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