War 1944

War 1944

Base on World War II, 'War 1944' is a Shooting Defense game.

Game details

Android 4.1+
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4.0 (79.2%) 179 votes

Game description

[Game Description]

Base on World War II, 'War 1944' is a Shooting Defense game where you can upgrade various weapons, skills, and show off your best record.

[Game Features]

☆ An action-packed shooting game with simple controls.
☆ Wide range of enemies with unique AI will appear.
☆ Use suitable weapons and skills, then attack enemies!
☆ Obtain and upgrade new weapons and various skills!
☆ Collect all 81 relics of 29 types which give special abilities!
☆ Crosshair position changing option for user's convinience!
☆ Battle waves of bosses in Boss Rush Mode!
☆ Complete 17 challenges!

'BlueBird Games' Official Website

'War 1944' Official Website

E-mail : help@bluebird-games.com

Changelog / What's New

'War 1944' 2.0.9 Patch Notes
03/14/2019 Update
Updated Features
- Resized to make it easier for you to attack enemies. [Soldiers 20% up, Bosses 10% up]
- Added ability to recover SP by using a star.
New Features
- When the game over, double-speed play is initialized.
- The color of the game speed is displayed in yellow in case of 1.5 × speed, and in red in case of 2 × speed.
- Using the red button is now easier.
Bug fixes
- Fixed minor bugs and improved stability of the game.

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