NiceLock (Ad-Free) - Shortcut Maker for Goodlock

NiceLock (Ad-Free) - Shortcut Maker for Goodlock

Easily access your installed customization modules for Samsung devices.

App details

Android 5.0+
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App description

---- NiceLock ---

NiceLock is a launcher application for goodlock customization modules for Samsung devices.

NiceLock (Ad-Free) is an ad-free and paid version of NiceLock.

Important Note:

NiceLock does not install Good Lock modules (Play Store rules), you need to install these modules manually if you are outside Korea, the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada.

•Adding shortcuts to homescreen

•Cloud Database
When opened, NiceLock checks its own database to see if your modules have updates available.

•Cloud Rollout
If/When a new module is published, you will be able to see it on NiceLock instantly without even updating the app. You will see a placeholder icon until you update NiceLock from Play Store.

•Push Notifications
When a module update is available, NiceLock will show push notifications.


NiceLock does not download or install anything. If acts as a launcher/activity manager for already installed customization modules. NiceLock provides easy access to all of the modules in one place. Therefore you can hide the clutter and launch them from a single app.

If Goodlock modules are not provided in your country, NiceLock does not interfere with that restriction. NiceLock only is an activity manager app which organizes already installed customization apps on your device.

Good Lock © is a trademark of Samsung.

Changelog / What's New

NiceLock has passed 20.000+ downloads! Thank you for your huge support!
•Added "Tips & FAQ", which will display NiceLock's webpage with updated information.
•Fixes for rare cases of crashes.
•High resolution module icons
•Fixed an issue where sometimes installation status of modules are not updated upon returning to NiceLock.
•Padding of scrollbar removed

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