Sleep How to sleep and get enough sleep

Sleep How to sleep and get enough sleep

Do you want to improve sleep, sleep,feel good,remember everything and have time?

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I was introduced by Bomali developer, Sleep How to sleep and get enough sleep is a Health & fitness app on the Android platform. The current version is 3.5 released on December 08, 2018. This app has over 1,000 downloads and 25 votes. The rating is 4.2 stars, you can check the details below.

Sleep occupies a third of our lives. If you live 90 years, 30 of them you wake. A lot, right? This condition is the subject of research by many scientists around the world (neurologists, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists). Everyone wonders how much to sleep? How does sleep affect productivity? What to do if you can not sleep? Why is it so important, how long should I sleep and how to do it correctly?

In this application, you will get answers to all these questions and learn a lot more interesting and useful.

This app will help:
-you get enough sleep
-improve your memory, attention, thinking
-do not overeat
-improve immunity
-you get motivated
-and good appearance)
-sleep well

Full sleep contributes to success in professional and personal life. Agree, it is unlikely that you will hear “Yes!” If during the interview you yawn or fall asleep in a session of your favorite movie of a pretty girl.

But most importantly, sleep is a guarantee of health. During sleep, a number of important hormones are produced, tissue is regenerated, and physical strength is replenished. The brain is also not idle: some of its areas are becoming even more active than in the period of wakefulness.
Everyone needs a dream.
Sleep, sleep, sleep ...

Have you noticed that when you want to sleep, some tasks seem to be too complicated, but if you sleep, the solution comes by itself? The fact is that during sleep there is a selective, that is, selective, erasure of memory. The brain analyzes the information received in a day: the unnecessary is sent to the “basket”, and the important of the short-term memory is “archived” into the long-term one. This is how our memories are shaped. Improves perception, concentration and learning ability.

Lack of sleep affects the performance of certain areas of the brain. For example, inhibition of neural processes in the parietal lobe is observed, which can cause problems with the reaction rate. And when slowing down the work of the prefrontal cortex, it is difficult for a person to formulate thoughts, there may be vision problems. Fatigue of the brain results in a whole bunch of negative effects.

The consequences of lack of sleep

The deterioration of cognitive functions (memory, attention, thinking), coordination, speech, orientation, control, and others. Often this leads to emergency situations at work and on the road. According to statistics, every fifth accident occurs due to the fact that the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

The vulnerability of immunity. Studies show that lack of sleep increases the risk of getting sick three times. During sleep, the immune system synthesizes cytokine proteins. The more infections around, the more they are required. But if a person doesn’t sleep much, then cytokines are simply never produced. No wonder they say that sleep heals.

Overeating and overweight. Lack of sleep stimulates the production of ghrelin - the hunger hormone. As a result, the person overeats. A tired brain requires more and more tasty food.

Decreased productivity. When a person wants to sleep, he does everything slowly and poorly. What usually takes an hour can take two, three or more. And not the fact that you do not have to redo it. The efficiency of time stolen from sleep tends to zero.

Fall motivation. Constant lack of sleep destroys motivation, as groundwater erodes the foundation. Every day less and less you want to move forward towards your goals.

Bad habits and bad mood. Lack of sleep - a serious obstacle to the formation of healthy habits. But an excellent catalyst of harmful: with a lack of sleep, a person is looking for external stimulants (nicotine, caffeine, and so on). A sleepy person is quick-tempered, irritable, and offended by the whole world.

Bad appearance. Lack of sleep is literally imprinted on the face in the form of bruises and bags under the eyes. Prolonged lack of sleep provokes premature aging of the skin.
Everyone needs a dream.
Sleep, sleep, sleep ...
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