Call Of Sniper Shoot Killer

Call Of Sniper Shoot Killer

with advanced weapons and shooting ability to complete the mission.

Game details

Android 2.3+
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4.3 (85.7%) 405 votes

Game description

Terror war is about to start, as the people's guardian, you can take on zhe responsibility?

As an expert shooting gamer, you can showcase your shooting skills do during frontline battles in gun battles. Fight against terrorists and gangsters. As an elite warrior, beat your opponent. Go to the battlefield and strive for a glorious victory. Join the game and use your best modern gun weapon as an assassin to shoot and fight here, winning the war in zhe thrilling adventure.

Go ahead! Fight it! As a elite soldier! Never fall!

Call Of Sniper Shoot Killer Features:
- Different play
- New gun equipment, AK47, MP5, P90, M4, SVD, M249, M1911
- Real battle scenes
- Great touch
- Stimulating sound effects

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