Camix:Video/Photo with Effects

Camix:Video/Photo with Effects

Mix effects for photos and music videos from camera! Become a video star!

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Android 4.0+
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Use your camera, mix effects for great music videos and photos (selfies) with special Camix effects!!! Become a video star!

NEW FEATURE: Now you can pick a photo from your gallery and apply multiple Camix effects on it! (To be able to save your picture with effects, you need to upgrade your app)

Choose your music, choose special effects, record videos and have fun with your android camera! You can use front or back camera!

Take funny pictures/photos and funny videos with the effects without post-processing(photoshop). Share your photos/videos on your favorite social platform via Camix! (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, Vib er...) Make music videos for your Youtube channel!

If you want to create videos or photos with effects you don't need to know anything about editing a video/photo with video maker or video creator.

Do not spend extra time for editing videos or pictures after you record them!
Just record it with illusion effects and you are ready to go for your personal video/photo with effects.

You can change effects as you record or create an auto effect list, set up timers and be the star of your own video!

Choose the best options for your needs from the menu.

You don't need any other app to play music, just pick a music from your gallery inside the app.

You can pause and return recording.

You can watch the videos you created inside the app!

Flip the camera view by sliding on the screen horizontally or vertically while recording!

- 30+ Effects (Old movie, sketch, different frames, tiles, cartoon, sepia...)
- Start/Stop Timers
- Auto effect list to change effects automatically while recording
- Pick music from your gallery for music videos
- Pause/Resume recording
- Watch videos inside the app
- Front/Back camera support
- Change effects as you record
- Turn on/off flash
- Take photos with illusion effects
- Share photos/videos on social media

If any problem occurs or if you have any suggestions feel free to contact us!

- Recording and processing video in real time needs a lot of work behind and might not be efficient in some cases.
Try to avoid too much light while recording.
- You can change options from menu, choose a song from your gallery, setup timers to start or stop.
You can cancel the option by clicking on it in the main screen.
- You can choose to create a list of effects before starting to record and let the app change effect when it is time to change.
- You can change effects and create videos with different effects while recording.
- Videos may take a lot of space and this software does not check your free space. Try to check if there is enough space for your videos.

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Major Interface change

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