Chinsoft Lunar Calendar

Chinsoft Lunar Calendar

Cool and powerful Chinese lunar calendar for all your astrological needs.

App details

1.2.14 Play Store
Android 2.0+
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4.2 (83.3%) 189 votes

App description

Easy-to-use Chinese calendar(萬年曆) featuring:
- Years 221BC-3359AD
- Day/month/year/decade view
- Imperial Calendar (農民曆 / 黃曆)
- Daily Do's and Don'ts
- Five elements, nine star, lunar mansion, 12 day officer, liu yao
- Daily/hourly lucky/unlucky spirits
- Spirit directions
- Solar terms (minute precision)
- Four pillars of destiny
- Holidays by region (Taiwan,China,HK,Macau,US,Canada,Australia,Singapore,Japan,South Korea,UK)
- Deity Birthdays
- Dynasty Era Dates
- "Bone Weight" fortune telling
- Trad. Chinese, Simp. Chinese & English UI
- Day calendar widget
- Contacts' BDays (Lunar & Gregorian, req. Android 2.0+)
Note: Fortune-telling related text are currently only partially translated to English.

Changelog / What's New

- Pinch-to-zoom for calendar view
- Recompiled for Android 8 SDK
- Widget is now resizeable
- 2019, 2020 Holiday List for Singapore

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