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Share my Contact Details

Easily share your details with others.

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Ever wondered how you can share your details with others with just a press of a button? Now you can do so with ease. In fact, you can share the details you want, by entering all of them beforehand and editing them in the manner you wish to appear. So you can literally have your own business card and share it with others in just seconds. In fact your contact details can move to others and be accessed by anyone.

Getting your info on time is very crucial. Lets say that you are in a business meeting and you need to give your name and phone number to the other party, than this app can become very handy to you, since you can just send all the details at once, without the need to give a business card and on top of that making the other party write down more crucial details about you or your specific background and biography.

You can start using it and edit the details you want about yourself, starting with your personal info and up to your personal website address and other details that you wish others to know about you, you can later on decide what information you want to share and who will view it. The possibilities are many yet the app is featuring simplicity that will be good for many novice users who are more accustomed to these type of apps.

Information is all around us and getting the one we need at the right time is extremely valuable. When you bring the right info to the right people it can worth a lot to them. You can write the exact details you should give them and hand it to them, so they in turn can make better choices, in faster times, that will help them become more efficient, that will improve their working habits and give them more free time. You can always choose what not to send by editing it before hand and not giving that specific info.

Now you can start using it and give the details you want to others, you can use it while you go to trips, conferences or other gatherings where you come along viewing others in personal. Don’t hesitate to fill all possible blanks, so everyone will get the full picture about you, that will in turn help then know much more about you and hence get to know you faster, that will improve your relationship, whether it’s a working one or just a friendly one, that was recently established and now its prosperous.

We will be more than happy to get your response. We will get your feedbacks and try to work on them as soon as possible and improve our product for you guys out there. We tested our app on multiple devices and haven’t found any bugs or concerns. We always appreciate your willingness to try our app and we thank you for that. Hope your experience will be entertaining.

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