Pottery.ly 3D– Relaxing Ceramic Maker

Pottery.ly 3D– Relaxing Ceramic Maker

Create unique ceramics, relax and free your mind

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Android 4.4+
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Pottery.ly is a super relaxing pottery game that allows you to create your own unique ceramics. You can shape your ceramics anyway you like, and you can choose which texture you would want them to be in. But it’s not over yet, you can even draw on it to make it truly a one of a kind masterpiece. Creating an amazing looking ceramic is a very relaxing and satisfying process, and the result can be even more accomplishing. You can share your works with your friends, or you can even share it on the Pottery.ly community to inspire others!

- Simple but powerful tools: the tools are not only very easy to use, but also allow you to create pottery of any shape, texture, and pattern.
- Awesome community: you can share your works or view others on the built in Pottery.ly community. Creativity is limitless!
- Super relaxing gameplay: Pottery.ly offers a truly relaxing, therapeutic, and pleasant gameplay experience that you can share with your friends and family.

Let’s play Pottery.ly now and start making your first ceramic masterpiece!

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