Calendar Daily - Planner 2018

Calendar Daily - Planner 2018

Organise events, agenda, task list, meetings, work schedule, holidays, birthdays

App details

Android 4.0+
4.2 (83.0%) 383 votes

App description

Calendar app for your daily use on your android phone and tablet to plan your Day, Weeks, Months, Years and save valuable time.

Calendar Daily supports below features
☆ Year view at a glance
☆ Month View at a glance
☆ Week View at a glance
☆ Day View at a glance
☆ Overall schedule or agenda in continuous and smooth scrolling
☆ Day View - displayed all events for particular day
☆ Quick switch between Year view, Month view, Week View, Day View
☆ Go-To today's date
☆ Go-To Next / Previous month by swiping Right / Left direction
☆ Add / Remove / Edit / Update events
☆ Add Event with Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Yearly repeating events
☆ Add event with All day or custom time duration
☆ Prepare agenda for particular day
☆ Prepare Tasks, Todo list, reminders
☆ Add event supports reminder option - you can set custom time for reminder
☆ Set start day of the week as Sunday or Monday
☆ Integrated with Google calendar
☆ Uses Android calendar sync which allows synchronization with Google Calendar or Exchange etc
☆ Imports events like Birthdays, Holidays, Events from google calendar
☆ App works offline and completely free

Your feedback is always welcome which will help to improve the app

Changelog / What's New

Added below features
☆ Customize the background color for events and holidays
☆ Customize Font size (Small, Medium, Large)
☆ Bug fix in arrange holidays and events on appropriate date
☆ Bug fix in make Sunday/ Monday as start of the week

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