Animals: Ringtones

Animals: Ringtones

100 animals as free ringtones, alarms and notification/SMS for phones or tablets

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Android 4.0+
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4.7 (93.9%) 28,305 votes

App description

Select a Free Ringtone, Notification or Alarm sounds from more then 100 HD animal sounds and surprise your friends lion growl, the crowing of the rooster, mooing cow, a cat purring sounds and many other animal sounds as free ringtones on your phone.

◊ App Features:

● 100+ animal ringtones from around the world,
● support 40 languages,
● easy to use, select an animal and:
- set as ringtone,
- set as contact ringtone,
- set as notification/SMS ,
- set as alarm.
● original ringtones, alarms and alerts,
● free ringtones for all phones and tablest (HTC, Samsung Galaxy, SONY Xperia).

Contact and help:
If you notice an error please use the "Error report" option or send an e-mail to the address:

Changelog / What's New

✔ More than 100 animal ringtones from around the world,
★ UPDATE 4.1:
✔ added new animal ringtones.
★ UPDATE 4.0:
✔ new animal ringtones have been added,
✔ the option to remove the set ringtones has been added.
★ UPDATE 3.3-3.5:
✔ added new animal ringtones.
✔ fixes in setting ringtones.
✔ new app icon.
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