Elifoot 18 PRO

Elifoot 18 PRO

Football for Managers

Game details

Android 5.0+
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3.8 (76.4%) 275 votes

Game description

Elifoot is a classic style Football Manager game. It is an application of great simplicity but with huge entertainment capabilities.

Each player plays the role of manager and coach of a club, buys and sells players, manages the finances and selects the players for each match.

Among four divisions, each season comprises league and national and international cup competitions.


* Increased number of players per team.
* Yellow and red cards.
* Player injuries.
* In-match penalties.
* Improved graphical interface.
* Powerful player market search capabilities.

Changelog / What's New

Adjusted value of the ticket prices.
Improved performance and reduced time between rounds.
More teams in Brazil (456).

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