GPS Tracker : Tracer

GPS Tracker : Tracer

Real-time GPS Tracking & Sharing your trip.Recording trip path (Googlemaps)

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Android 4.1+
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4.0 (80.3%) 216 votes

App description

Real-time GPS Tracking & Sharing your trip(Map Image, KML File)
Recording trip path (Googlemaps)

Mandatory Android application of your trip!
Easy-to-use and simple application.
Simple design.

You can easily share your trip path(track) via SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
This app also displays the address of your current location.

Display and record your travel path (GPS coordinates).
You can share Map Image(path is displayed) or KML File.

# Displays information:
- Track name
- Tracking time, distance, average speed
- Start time/address & End time/address

It does not work well inside the building.
Please use App on the outside of the building for the best results!

(GPS Tracker/Tracer - GoogleMaps)
(Share Trip Path, Route, Track)


Changelog / What's New

# bug fixed

# Accuracy improvement

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