Music Bounce Hop: Figgy Race

Music Bounce Hop: Figgy Race

Become a friend of figgy & bounce on the dancing tiles of best music games🎼🎹

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Android 4.4+
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The most relaxing and full of entertaining hop beat rhythmic tile🎹🎼 games is here. You can enjoy listening to your favorite song🎼 along with full of fun figgy hop run🏃‍♀️ music 🎼games. Just install this most exciting hop EDM🎸 jump tile games🏃🎹🎮 for endless enjoyment.🤩

The cute figgy🦊 beat jumper games will give you the thrill of interesting cute figgy hop jump on EDM rhythmic tiles.🎶🎹 Figgy🦊fox runner wants to run fast on these hop bounce dancing tiles but try hard to save it from dropping. Become the friend of the cute figgy🦊 beat jumper, enjoy the figgy hop dash run music🎵, collect the gems 💎 and jump fast on the music hop rush games.

This music hop figgy fox 🦊 game is the perfect combination of entertaining hop music 🎶 beat jumper games and melody song listing 🎧 experience when hop figgy beat runner try to bounce on run rush dancing tiles.🎹 This magic🔮 music hop dash run🎼🏃‍♂️ with figgy and friends will take you to the beautiful music world where you can experience the peaceful environment of music hop rush music games.👯

So come on!👉 The amazing figgy hop bouncing tiles game adventure🎹🥳 is waiting for you. Careful handle the cute figgy fox 🦊 runner on the tiles🎹 and help her to beat fast and jump high to cross the rhythmic hop dancing tiles.🎹💃 You can enjoy your favorite song while helping the figgy music hop beat jumper 🦊 to cross the tiles.

Endless music🎶 song options are available to enhance your music hop run rush games experience. Soft piano music 🎹 to amazing music EDM fun🥁 will increase the joy of completing the amazing hop figgy beat runner levels🏃‍♀️ of exciting song hop🎼 EDM jump games.

So what are you waiting for!🤷‍♀️ This music hop run rush games have everything which will give the real adventure of music beat jumping games. Let the cute figgy fox runner🦊 jump on the soft melody song hop run,🎹 listen to music, 🎧collect the gems,💎 complete the levels of music bounce dance hop and have an amazing experience of fun jumping🤩.

Figgy fox is waiting for you to music hop rush on dancing tiles. Just hop run and your adventure of EDM rhythmic tile jumping will be begun...🥳 Hop🏃‍♂️ with the figgy🦊 and enjoy unlimited fun of free music games. 🎼🎵🎮

Amazing Features of Music Hop Run: 🎹🏃‍♂️
Very interesting rhythmic hop race games with the amazing gameplay of music beat bouncing fun jumping.🏃‍♂️
Free music games🎶🎮 where you can choose your favorite genres like EDM, hip pop, soft melody songs.
High quality and popular soundtracks.
Upload your own songs to enjoy.😃
Stunning 3D visuals and effects.
Simple gameplay and one-finger controls.
Include free options to unlock songs and collect gems.
Best EDM 🎼game to relax.
Enjoy the awesome music and addictive challenging levels that are designed for each song.

What's New

" Faster Than Ever: We’ve squashed some bugs
- Improved In-app
- New Attractive Figgy Animations
- Optimized, Unique & Smooth Gameplay
- Better Gaming Experience
- New Songs Added ✔️
- Thanks for playing and keep sending us feedback

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