Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game

Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game

💖 Moy is back! 💖

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Android 4.1+
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Game description

I was introduced by Frojo Apps developer, Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game is a Casual game on the Android platform. The current version is 1.313 released on May 13, 2020. This game has over 14.4 million downloads and 61.2 thousand votes. The rating is 4.3 stars, you can check the details below.

Moy is finally back for the 7th installment!

This time there are some large changes to the UI and the way you interact with the different rooms that Moy spend time in. There is now more interaction with the environment than ever before and the game feels much more alive and interesting.

You can now choose from over 85 different games and activities. As always there are a wide varitety of games and ways to collect coins. The mini-games are categorized into four different genres - casual, arcade, racing and puzzles. There are also plenty of creative activities such as playing the piano, drums or guitar. You can also spend time painting, filling in a coloring book, managing a zoo, planting flowers in your garden, saving patients by playing doctor and much much more!

This game is all about caring for your Moy. Help Moy by brushing his teeth, showering him when he's dirty, telling him when to go to bed, give him healthy food, exercising him and playing games with him. The more you care for your Moy the more he will grow and be happy.

The coins you collect from playing any of the different mini-games can be spent on purchasing new clothing, body colors, hairstyles or even beards for your Moy. You can also spend coins by decorating your house, buying fishes for the aquarium, new animals for your zoo, buying ingredients for baking your own desserts and much more.
We are currently offering version 1.313. This is our latest, most optimized version. It is suitable for many different devices. Free download directly apk from the Google Play Store or other versions we're hosting. Moreover, you can download without registration and no login required.

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What's New

- You can now change backgrounds and more items in the Kitchen and Workout rooms
- Changed the smile animation so that he no longer shows his teeth
- 6 new shirts
- 4 new hats
- 3 new glasses
- 1 new mini game
- Improved the tutorial
- New random events
- Added a mini-pet to the mine shaft
- Updated app icons to feature Moy instead of a white doll