Acidra Tears

Acidra Tears

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Android 5.0+
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4.2 (83.3%) 1,302 votes

Game description

Welcome. Here is a new and changing world of adventure.

Explore the dungeon and get the "Tears" on the bottom floor to take down the final boss.
Set the status and skills to deal with the various and unique enemies and traps of the dungeon. Grow your character the strongest.
Strengthen your equipment and give them additional effects to get even more power.
Explore deep into the dungeon with your co-workers.
Build several buildings in the town to expand the town and prepare your adventure.
Raise the level of the town and defeat the stronger enemies that invade and get special rewards.
Build a defensive building in the world outside the town to prepare for invasion.
Please enjoy various game styles depending on skill and race selection.

“Acidra Tears” is a Real-Time, Roguelike, Hack and Slash, Open World Action RPG.

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