Rock Guitar Solo (Real Guitar)

Rock Guitar Solo (Real Guitar)

Making guitar solos fun & easy! The most rocking guitar solo simulator app ever!

Game details

Android 4.3+
USK: All ages
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4.1 (82.3%) 1,723 votes

Game description

Rock Guitar Solo is the greatest rocking guitar simulator on the market, making it easy to play an awesome guitar solo, picking amazing riffs with hard rocking powerchords!

You don't have to be an expert to use Rock Guitar Solo, it is made for everyone - non guitarist to experts.
If you are a beginner, you can simply make use of the Guitar Scale options - this will enable all the required notes so that you can't hit any false notes... all notes you play will be music to your ears.

Rock out with a friend! Get your friend to play rhythm guitar while you rock an amazing guitar solo.

Rock Guitar Solo Features:
● Palm mute
● Easy Vibrato effect
● Hammer ons
● Pull offs
● Note sliding & bending
● Open notes
● Plucking and picking notes while playing and bending notes
● Sustain effect
● Guitar scale selection to make a solo easy
● Powerchords for rhythm guitarists
● Full guitar neck
● Manual adjustable guitar neck to make your guitar fit just the way you want it to be.

Play/Guitar modes:
● Solo guitar / Lead guitar
● Rhythm guitar (amazing sound)
● Combine these guitars with a wide variety of drumloops

Guitar Scales includes:
● All Pentatonic Major scales - From A to G#
● All Pentatonic Minor scales - From Am to G#m

Drumloops backtracks:
● Up to 23 backtracks to choose from
● Join a friend and be the real deal,a full band!

Whether you want to be Guitar Solo Rocker or a Rhythm Guitarist, Rock Guitar Solo will hit the spot by sound, impressing friends and loads of fun for you and your friends.

Install today and become Rock Stars! You can be the next Slash!

Changelog / What's New

All notes are recorded using a Real Guitar!
Other updates:
* Powerchords fixed
* No volume reduction when sliding
* Note display on Powerchords
* Intro now skippable after login
* Improved screen Ratio support
* Improved Download dialog
* Guitar Effect 2 is now included in build - no download required

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