Bearuang - Prized Trivia Quiz

Bearuang - Prized Trivia Quiz

Best Trivia Quiz Games! Let's play and earn money!

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Android 4.1+
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Game description

Bearuang is a trivia app.
You just need to answer all the questions and you can get a huge prize money!

"Let's play and earn money!"

How to play :
1. Each time there will be 12 multiple choice questions. These multiple choice questions will be drawn from fields such as popular science, general knowledge, culture, art, etc.
2. You have 10 seconds to answer, If you exceed the time set or wrong answer then you will be eliminated; You will win if you successfully answer the entire 12 existing questions.
3. If the winner is more than one person, then the prize will be divided equally to all winners. If you are the only winner, then the entire prize will be your own.
4. Gifts may change every time you play and can increase in certain events.
5. Rewards is in the form of cash money that can be withdrawn into your Bank account.
6. You can earn more lives by sharing invite codes to your friends. When your friend signs up, you and your friends have the chance to get extra lives.
7. Please answer questions with your friends so that your chances of winning the prize increase!

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Changelog / What's New

Dengan format baru, ada kemungkinan satu orang memenangkan semua hadiah. Selain itu tidak ada sistem eliminasi sehingga semua orang dapat menjawab pertanyaan sampai akhir walupun salah menjawab. Ayo ikut main!

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