Run Far!

Run Far!

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Android 4.1+
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Game description

Grab your running shoes, and get ready for the marathon of a lifetime! This is Run Far, the racing game that makes you the master of a marathon where you need to ensure the runners join in at precisely the right moment and run as far as they can!

Run Far presents a casual gaming experience that puts the fun back into the fun run! To play, you have to perfectly time when your racers are going to join the marathon, and tap at the correct moment to let them know. If you miss it, you’re going to cause complete havoc as runners crash into each other and go flying with hilarious ragdoll physics! Sound simple enough? Think again! Your team of runners’ arrive in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll only have so much space to join the race. You’re going to need timing, logic, and a fast finger to make sure you don’t cause a giant human pile up!

Run Far looks every bit as stunning as it plays! This casual game is beautifully rendered in 3D and offers a ton of customization to make sure your runners are just as crazy as all the fun you’re going to be having. There are hundreds up levels to explore, and you’re going to be non-stop running through each of them because this is more than a ‘fun race,’ it’s the race of a lifetime! Try to make sure you grab every single coin to make sure you get the highest score possible.

It’s time to kiss goodbye to boring arcade games and start sprinting! Run Far is here, and it’s the racing game that really does go the distance.