EasyNote - Notepad widget

EasyNote - Notepad widget

Quick and simple notes👦

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Android 4.1+
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4.4 (88.8%) 3,573 votes

App description

EasyNote is a convenient tool with rich content and easy operation which can help you note down in your cell-phone or tablet device. The main functions are as follows:

- Add / Edit / Delete -
● To add a new note, you can click "plus key" to complete.
● If you want to edit a previous note, all that you should do is to click the target note in the list. Do not forget to save it after editing!
● If you want to delete the note, you may long press the target in the list, then the check jump out, click to delete it.

- Widget -
You can add the widget into the home screen
● Single page mode
● List mode

- Other functions -
● Password lock
● Alarm clock
● Cloud backup and restore data
● Customize list animation
● Customize list sort
● Customize typeface
● Customize theme color
● Can receive text document and document package from other app to help you faster enter editing mode

- Read Aloud -
Support Text-to-speech(TTS). Read aloud Note when your eyes tired, hurt or are busy elsewhere. Strongly recommended Google speech engine(Google Text-to-speech), it has best compatibility with EasyNote.

Changelog / What's New

● Fixed Android-N insert image error
● Support Text-to-speech
● Crash handling

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