SCV Miner - Click & Idle Tycoon - PRO

SCV Miner - Click & Idle Tycoon - PRO

Become in space tycoon! Manage your scv mine, planets and your idle profit!

Game info

$0.99 Free
Android 4.1+
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Game description

Expand your star space empire, craft robots (SCV) and mine minerals!
Smart managers will automate your star craft and star ships will deliver robots to planets to Earn as much as you can!
Travel from planet to planet and dig out them all!
Free economic strategy games.

If you enjoy clicker & digging games SCV Miner is perfect for you!
SCV Miner is an incremental, digging, idle clicker game.

Download now and start digging for ore in one of the most addicting incremental idle clicker games! Dig out all planets on your way through the stars!

SCV Miner Click & Idle Tycoon FEATURES

Idle Clicker Gameplay:
- Mine: Earn gold coins and hire managers!
- Builds and upgrade your business
- Dig minerals, and other recourses

Idle Mining:
- Earn minerals and coins offline when you're not playing
- Hire managers to improve and automate your output!

What's New

- Added new animations
- Added Leaderboards
- Added Cloud save feature
- Fixed NaN bug
- Fixed rollout bug
- Other minor bugs fixed

Ratings and reviews

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5 2,769
4 873
3 577
2 362
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