Helo - Live Streaming

Helo - Live Streaming

Live stream with Helo to discover streamers, get discovered, and get rewarded!

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Android 4.3+
Mature 17+
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4.3 (86.4%) 1,063 votes

App description

🙌HELO IS LIVE! Live streaming is the global phenomenon sweeping social media; don't get left behind, join the live streaming movement today! 📅If you haven’t live streamed yet, Helo is the app for you! Helo lets you discover top content and get discovered by other users! Your audience is limitless and eager to see what you're made of! Helo is the app every millennial needs to have, so whether you're a singer, a dancer, a foodie, or a yogi, Helo has a place for you!


Go Live! 📱 - Helo lets you broadcast what you're doing, wherever you're doing it, LIVE! Whether you're singing, working out, eating breakfast, or walking the dog your stage is always open, so there's no reason to ever stop live streaming!

Discover the Best! 🔎 - Live streamers can be found anywhere and you get to choose how you find them! You can look for live streamers based on their popularity, the amount of gifts they’ve gotten, or your own interests!

See Who’s Nearby! 📍 - Some of the best live streamers might be broadcasting near you! By posting in nearby you can connect with nearby live streamers to grow your audience, collaborate, and make new friends!

Get Featured! 🌟 - When you live stream long enough and get enough fans you could find yourself featured by us! When you're featured, live streamers all over the world will see your profile on their app so you can make more fans and more money!

Gift and Get Rewarded! 💲 - When you broadcast on Helo, your global fanbase can send you gifts that you can redeem for cold, hard cash! Making money has never been this easy!

Changelog / What's New

- Bring back the original version

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