My Space Town Adventure - Universe Games for Kids

My Space Town Adventure - Universe Games for Kids

Pretend to be an astronaut & explore the space with alien friends in a spaceship

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Android 4.1+
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🎉EXCITING UPDATE 🎉 We have added 7 new rooms in the Space Town Adventure.

Ever wanted to know what is there up in the space? Always dreamt of becoming an astronaut and exploring the whole universe in your spaceship? 🚀 Then this app is perfect for you. Begin your adventurous ride to the moon and other planets along with your alien friends.

Count down the final hour before our rocket is scheduled for launch. We are going to the moon. Are you ready, our young astronauts, for the challenges ahead? Let the adventures begin! 👩‍🚀🌎👨‍🚀

🚀 Space Lab: 👽
See how things float in the solar system. Explore what all things float in the universe.

🚀 Space center: 👽
There are many different species of plants and animals in this space center. Do detailed research on them. Search every corner of this room to find the hidden secrets!

🚀 Space Kitchen: 👽
After having a fun ride around the galaxy, you would definitely feel hungry. There is space-friendly food available in the kitchen which won't float because of the gravity.

🚀 Play Space Games: 👽
You can create your very own original space adventure story in this universe. You can even dress up every little astronaut in this game. There are some friendly aliens who would love to become your friends.

🚀Space Activity Room: 👽
Gather in the activity room with your friends & play with toys & do some research on the other planets. Create your own musical band with your astronaut & alien buddies.

Key Features of My Space Town Adventure are:
🌎 New 7 rooms to explore
🌎 Cute characters including astronauts and aliens.
🌎 Various space items to play with!
🌎 Touch, drag and explore every object and see what happens!
🌎 Kids friendly content without violence or scary treatments
🌎 Made for kids of ages 6-8, but everyone will enjoy playing in this universe.

Are you ready to begin your space adventure? Get started now by downloading this app!

What's New

Hello little astronauts!!
Are you enjoying to explore the universe with 'My Space Town' friends? There were some bugs who were joining us in disguise. But, we caught & dropped them to an abandoned planet. The app will perform more better for you then every before. Update now!

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