Talking Calendar

Talking Calendar

This app speaks your Google calendar reminders of your appointments.

App details

Android 4.0+
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4.0 (80.6%) 162 votes

App description

Talking Calendar reminder app speaks your Google calendar reminders using. Now your phone/tablet would announce your calendar event to remind you of your appointments

You would manage all your events/reminders in Google calendar and this app would speak out loud the reminders when the time comes. So now no need to reach for the phone or get up to pick up your phone or tablet when it chimes to alert you of some event. Now you would be able to hear the event without getting up or looking at your phone/tablet.

This app would work with any other calendar app as long the calendar app can sync events/reminders with Google calendar.

This app promotes hands free driving. This app works with bluetooth devices.

Changelog / What's New

Made changes to not speak the reminders when you are on a phone call. Fixed another issue related to volume control

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