Learn Korean, Japanese Vocabulary, Phrase, Grammar

Learn Korean, Japanese Vocabulary, Phrase, Grammar

Learn Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese [Grammar, Phrases, Vocabulary & Verbs]

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Hi deer! From the developers of LingoDeer, LingoDeer Plus is a new app that will help you learn words and grammars faster and fun!

Here are main features of LingoDeer Plus:
Professionally curated word lists with around 3000 words that cover A1-B1 level
4 cute deer-themed games that trains individual language skills and more games are in the pipeline
Every single word or sentence is recorded in HD with native voice actors
Settings for showing or hiding romanisation while learning Japanese, Korean, Chinese
The ability to download everything to your device and play offline
See learned word lists and review

A sneak peak of the features and games to come:
Ways to skip levels
Grammar Tunes for Spanish, French, German
Conjugation trainer for Japanese and Korean

You can practice vocabulary and grammar of these languages:

Words from the development team:

LingoDeer Plus is an extension of our main learning app LingoDeer. While LingoDeer lays the foundation with a structured curriculum, LingoDeer Plus’ mission is to help you hone individual skills, from listening to conjugation, because mastering a second language requires trainings that target various brain muscles! We have debuted 4 games in each language for now, but rest assured that you can expect to play more soon!

A subscription is required to access all contents of the app.

Found a bug in LingoDeer Plus? Send us a bug report in Feedback in the app or
Email: support@lingodeer.com

What's New

We're bringing you a new series -- "Integrated Trainings". Games in this series will train multiple skills! Thank you for your continued support!!

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