I'm The One: The Last Knight

I'm The One: The Last Knight

An idle ARPG game with Unity 3D in dungeon.

Game info

Android 4.3+
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Game description

Join I'm The One, enjoy this fantastic dark style Idle game!

The game creates a beautiful magical world with sky, ocean, snow, desert, forest. In the game, the player acts as the last knight, collecting all kinds of equipment, pets, hallows on lonely and endless roads, becoming more stronger, constantly killing powerful magic creatures.

Different from other mobile games, this game serves as a foil to the dungeons eroded by evil with Dystopia expression style and beautiful game image and operation. Enduring loneliness,overcoming self-emotion,exploring mystery journey takes the player into a beautiful adventure battle.

There is not complicated operation in the idle play, just a simple choice to release the skill at the right time to master the operation. Players can fully appreciate the battle strategy of the idle game through different combinations of pets, equipment, enchantments, hallows, talents, etc. In addition to the idle system, it combines the most popular survival competitive game, which satisfies players to experience fair competition in idle time and a combination of idle and real-time athletics.

What's New

1. Add the Avatar system, reach 600 floor to unlock the Avatar system, incarnate the gods, own new skills and cool image, and get new avatar attribute at the same time;
2, Add cross-server chat, now you can chat with friends on cross-server channel;
3, Add open-server competition, respected knights, please work hard to reach the list, you will receive huge rewards when ranks;
4, Add new pets: The Black Dragon King, Stone Guardian, The Chief of Goblin, Demon Lord,Devilsaur;
5, Fix known bugs

Ratings and reviews

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