Think Tap Turn - Brain Game

Think Tap Turn - Brain Game

Boost your thinking power by playing this fun brain game | 1,000 levels

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Android 4.1+
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4.0 (80.8%) 101 votes

Game description

The game play is literally in the name. You need to "Think", "Tap" and "Turn".

* Its a simple, yet interactive tap and think brain game.
* Fix pictures by tapping and turning the squares.
* Colorful theme and graphics.
* Doesn't take much time to understand the game.
* You can play the game whenever you feel bored or stressed.
* Improves your thinking ability.
* The game will test your reflexes.
* Very easy to play, but you need to be very fast as you need to solve the picture puzzle before the timer runs out.
* You can use hints to progress if you don't understand the pieces
* Great time pass for both adults and children.
* There are 1,000 addictive levels.
* Very less RAM usage.

Made in India

Changelog / What's New

Added levels 801 to 1000
Added Privacy Policy Link
New Relax mode
Added support for tablets

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