Video Player

Video Player

Supports all types of video and audio files, get HD playback effect.

App details

Android 4.0.3+
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4.2 (83.7%) 103,956 votes

App description

Video Player is one of the most easy control Video Player tools and It can plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices.

We ensure that your file is played in the original resolution, through the optimization of the encoding format file playback speed and effectiveness to achieve the best results.

Key Features:
* Supports most of popular video and audio file formats.
* Quick start, smooth playback support.
* Small memory, simple operation.
* Smart media library for audio and video files, easier and faster to find all your media files.
* Browse folders directly.
* Support for multi-track audio and subtitles.
* Supports auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments.
* Supports gestures to control volume and brightness.
* Playback speed control.
* Includes a widget for audio control
* Supports audio headsets control, cover art and a complete audio media library.
* History playlist.

It is both an audio and a video player. The most powerful Media player in Android Market.
The best way to enjoy your movie and music.
Please enjoy the smooth playback experience by Video Player!

Changelog / What's New

?Bug fixes and performance optimization
?Improved memory usage and stability
?Improve video player performance,faster startup
?Fix some minor bugs,more stable
?Faster to refresh your new videos and audios
?Update some new UI design,more easy to use
?Improve video playing performance,more fluent

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