Solar CT PV System Power

Solar CT PV System Power

Tilt &Orient Solar Panel.Batteries &Panels Connection.Wire Gauge & Drop Voltage.

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SolarCT 2.1 v
Android 4.0+
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4.7 (94.2%) 386 votes

App description

This App JUST works between API 14 (IceCreamSandwich) and API 23 (Marshmallow) .
Not Tested with (Nougat+ )...!

- This App calculates the requirements of Solar System accurately with multiple options available for User.

- The possibility of orientation the Solar Panels at the required angle of inclination to the True North Pole according to the default day of the year to achieve a Maximum benefit of sunlight to charge the batteries as required.

- Default day or month of the year can be changed by user to see the result angle of inclination how Solar Panels should be in future.

- Three ways to calculate the requirements of the Solar System PV and another functions :
1- In the Ordinary Way.
2- In the Concise manner based on user prior information.
3- In the Details Way (step by step).

4- Calculate Appliance Consumption.
5- Orient Solar Panels are done in two ways:
- Automatically by GPS in order to ensure higher accuracy coordinates.
- Manually by the User's prior information , as insert Latitude and Longitude.
6- Calculate Wires Gauge & Drop Voltage Section.
* AWG.
* mm².
* SWG.

7- Batteries Connection in Series and Parallel.
8- Solar Panels Connection in Series and Parallel.

# 1- Please sending me if you have any suggestion or problem with App.
# 2- Please don't hesitate to tell me if my translation is not good with English, French, Spanish & Portuguese language.
# I'll be thankful for you if help me to make this app the best among the rest apps by doing the 2 points mentioned above.
# my email exists in "About App" inside Solar CT App.

*Many features might be added in future depended on your Support and number of downloads of users.

Changelog / What's New

This update rebuilds the internal structure of application, for preamble for the next update.

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