APK extractor by Naaz infotech

APK extractor by Naaz infotech

App Extractor will extracts,share APK that are installed on your android device

App details

Android 4.0.3+
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App description

-Fast and easy to use.
-Extracts almost all application,including system applications using APK extractor 2017
-Share APK using skype,facebook,bluetooth,xender,mail,google drive etc using APK extractor manager.
-Beautiful UI.
-Apk installer / Apk Manager / Apk Share / App Share is a lightweiht free apk installer, uninstaller, backup, restore and share.
-APK Installer / App Installer - the best app manager for Android. The redesigned APK Installer makes it easier to manage your Android Apps.
-Apk Manager / App Manager can easily install, uninstall, share, copy and move your apk to other location.
-With Apk Sharer / App Share you can directly share the installed app and apk on sdcard to others.
-No unnecessay permissions.
-No ROOT access required in APK extractor manager.
-By Default Apk's will be saved in /sdcard/APK manager in APK manager .
-Provided Search option to search applications in APK extractor 2018.
-Directly uninstall Downloaded Application
-Save installed app on your phone for future use
-Compatible with latest version of Android 7.0 in APK extractor .
-Customize app theme in APK extractor.
-Lightest App to download
- No unnecessay permissions.
-Extracts all applications - Downloaded, System, Preloaded
--Compatible with all Android versions
-Use this tool to keep a copy of all the app you got so the apps you want are always available for new device
-Provided Search option to search applications
-The application is extracted apk format
-Sorting by name,size,installation date,update date etc in APK extractor.
-User can change saved extract file name using APK extractor.
-System app extractor.
-System as well installed app extractor 2018.
-Easily share extracted apk using mail , bluetooth etc.

Changelog / What's New

Update UI*

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