X-GPS Tracker

X-GPS Tracker

Use smartphone or tablet for GPS tracking.

App details

Android 4.1+
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4.0 (79.3%) 114 votes

App description

Let people you trust see you current location and tracks, using GPS in your mobile device. The application works with web-based tracking service.

IMPORANT NOTE: X-GPS Tracker is not service, but a standalone app, which can be connected to many GPS tracking systems. To use this app you must have an account in preferable GPS tracking service.

- Real-time tracking using GPS/GLONASS and Wi-Fi/GSM signals
- Adjustable tracking modes by distance, time interval, cornering
- Built-in chat for reliable communication
- The feature of getting tasks with the detailed information and its location on a map
- Tracking of work status of employees
- Smart power consumption for long battery life
- Auto run when system restarts
- Widget for easy app start and status view
- SOS button for sending alarm to selected contacts

X-GPS Tracker works in background mode and sends information about current location to GPS tracking server. You can view how your assets move using Web-interface or «X-GPS Monitor» app.

The app has flexible settings for GPS tracking modes and power consumption. Companies can use business tools for mobile workforce management.

Changelog / What's New

- Check-in on the map
- Lithuanian language added
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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