Super Bheem Clash (Unreleased)

Super Bheem Clash (Unreleased)

Play as a Super Bheem and save the kingdom from waves of enemies

Game details

Android 4.2+
4.6 (91.1%) 3,194 votes

Game description

Super Bheem: Clash is a brawler game in which Super Bheem faces waves of enemies who want to invade the Kingdom. Only Bheem can save the day with his powers. Do whatever you can by hook or crook to save the kingdom.
Use Super Bheem’s chop-chop moves, and unleash the super powers on the puny minions and send them back to where they came from. When in a pinch unleash the Special Powers and watch the spectacle as Super Bheem whoops the bad guys in a grand way.

Feature List:
- Easy Controls
- Amazing 3D world
- Special Dragon Power Ups with Spectacular Animations
- Slow-Motion Action Attacks
- Varieties of Costumes to choose and Play
- Complete Achievements
- Compete in the Tournament mode
- Win prizes

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